Some useful bits and pieces

Our experts have put together some handy engagement and promotion tools.

Originally they were just for us, but seeing how useful they can be, we started to feel a bit selfish about it. So now they’re available to all, free to use and share. Hopefully they’ll help you out- and if you check back here in the future, you might find a few other things our creatives have cooked up too.


  • Movie database

    Whether you're running a film promotion or want to let your employees know what they can use their cinema vouchers on, our movie database is a handy planning tool covering everything from the latest releases, to Avatar 5, due December 2025 (no, really).

    What's happening on the silver screen?
  • Movie previews

    Here you'll find all the latest film trailers to help you really whip up excitement about your next film-related campaign. Our film industry connections give us access to plenty of behind-the-scenes and red carpet footage too.

    All the latest from Tinseltown
  • Employee Engagement Calculator

    Our calculator can be used to help you build a business case for engagement initiatives, identifying the positive financial impact that different increases in engagement can have, which can help define measures and ROI criteria.

    Try it out for yourself