Keeping customers on board for the whole journey with 1ST CENTRAL

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What's the problem

Success in the insurance industry is all about repeat business – insurers need their customers to keep coming back to renew their policies time after time. But with insurance being a pretty begrudging purchase, it can be difficult to keep customers engaged and loyal. Drivers are asked to renew their insurance once a year – a perfect time for them to jump ship and wave goodbye.

Despite positive customer feedback, 1ST CENTRAL was finding retaining customers at renewal time a particular challenge. It needed a way to both keep customers on board, and attract new ones.

They had thought about a loyalty scheme in the past, and decided now was the time to get one going. But what should it look like, how do you get customers to use it, and how do you keep offers fresh and new? More importantly, with a business case to be made to the board, how much would it cost – and what are the returns?

Download the full case study now to find out how we helped 1ST CENTRAL increase customer retention and their Net Promoter Score.

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Sodexo as an organisation have been very good. They got on board with our whole brand ethos and approach, and I’m impressed with how quickly they respond to feedback and their turnaround time, especially our customer communications. We really enjoy working with them.

- Gary Lucas, Head of Customer Experience at 1ST CENTRAL


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