Encouraging consumer loyalty with some seriously delicious deals

What's the problem?

Sandwich manufacturer Delifresh wanted to drive sales of their range through a promotion that saw loyal customers rewarded with money off at a number of UK attractions through a two-for-one voucher deal.

What we did

Customers who collected five tokens from Delifresh promotional sandwiches and wraps packaging were directed to the branded website to find a list of available activities and locations participating in the two-for-one deal. The consumer was asked to print off an activity voucher from the website and attach their five tokens from their previously purchased sandwich and wrap packets to the voucher to in order to validate it. Once the customer had completed the task, they simply handed over their voucher to the venue in order to get their two-for-one experience.

We also:

  • Designed and set up the promotional website
  • Handled daily pickup of incoming applications
  • Processed validations, ensuring that all claims were genuine
  • Provided data capture and sharing
  • Organised dispatch of the reward to the consumer via email
  • Handled all customer services enquiries
  • Supplied a weekly redemption report to our client showing which days out vouchers had been claimed


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