Engaging staff by opening up exciting new benefits to everyone at FGH

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The story so far

FGH is a home shopping retailer based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Part of the German-owned organisation, Otto, FGH has about 650 staff based across Bradford and Sheffield. The UK-based staff work in a huge variety of roles, from buyers, administrators and IT positions, to pickers, packers and logistics managers.

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What's the problem?

Caroline Cranmer, HR Benefits and Rewards Manager at FGH, explained the challenge the organisation faced:

“We had a fairly similar scheme in place, but it was a bit spread out and inconsistent, so we decided to put the tender out and look for something that covered everything in one – and was cost-effective.

“The benefits landscape is so different now. Years ago, we used to have employee benefits in a little booklet with just a few businesses offering discounts – all of which we’d gone and sourced ourselves. Obviously, there was other employee benefits activity between now and then – but going with Sodexo made it easier to do everything on a bigger scale, and now we find everything we need at the touch of the button.”

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What We Did

“Sodexo covers childcare, cycles and much more, all on the one portal they built for us.  Our scheme, ‘Smart Rewards’, is set up so employees can log in and obtain benefits from various organisations. It’s a really, handy one-stop-shop which stops people searching endlessly for the things they need – and it means we can link in any FGH benefits that we have going as well.

“The benefits we provide are totally for the benefit of the employees – benefits which help lead to them being engaged employeesand in turn employees that will stay with us. Previously the benefits were only open to managers but, when we started the ‘Smart Reward’ scheme with Sodexo, we were able to open it up to all employees.

“We do a few different things to communicate the benefits to our people. We’ve got a roadshow happening in June, where Sodexo are going to talk to the staff about the benefits and encourage people to get logging on. We plan to do more too, as it’s good to remind people about their benefits face-to-face – especially the warehouse staff who don’t have access to computers or phones all day, every day when at work.

“Sodexo help us with our comms by sending us monthly promotions which we put on the intranet. Although Sodexo can email the staff directly as part of the programme, it’s important to us that we retain control over this part of our comms as we don’t want to promote competitors. They are really good at looking after the exclusions though, making sure that any posters and banners are relevant benefits. Take up is good too – in the six months leading up to February 2017, we had 397 employees signed up to the site.”

The benefits we provide are totally for the benefit of the employees – benefits which help lead to them being engaged employees – and in turn employees that will stay with us.

- Caroline Cranmer, HR Benefits and Rewards Manager at FGH

Working with Sodexo

“I can’t praise Our Account Manager, Amy, enough – she’s always there to support us with any issues and any queries. Amy responds quickly too, and if she can’t give us the answer, she finds someone who can. We’ve never had any problems with waiting for an answer, she’s always very prompt.

“Having a good account manager makes a big difference, it just makes work so much easier. Unfortunately, at a lot of places, you find they’re very good before you sign the contract – but once you’ve signed you don’t get a response or good service- but not with Amy at Sodexo, she’s very good.”

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