Shaking up long service awards and creating a true appreciation culture

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What's the problem?

Lucite had two key objectives in mind when they came to us with the need to shake up their long service awards:

  • To provide a long service awards scheme that recognises employees for their dedication to the organisation and the success of Lucite.
  • To increase retention levels and ensure that the people who drive and direct the company forward are shown that the organisation truly appreciates them.
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What We Did

Lucite were very clear that they wanted a change from the catalogue-based reward scheme they were operating. The company provided us with a spreadsheet showing the details of all long service awards recipients for the year. At the beginning of each month, we issue a branded voucher cheque detailing the employee’s name and value of award for all of that month’s recipients. On receipt of the voucher cheque, the individual selects the voucher of their choice, completes the back of the cheque, and returns to us for fulfilment. The vouchers are picked, packed and dispatched within 48 hours!

Voucher Cheques have been very popular with Lucite staff. They arrive in a timely manner and provide employees with a wide choice of vouchers from John Lewis, Currys and Argos. We’ve sent out over 700 voucher cheques to Lucite employees, totalling over £105,000 worth of vouchers.

The scheme has been in operation since 2008 without any complaints from our employees. Any questions or queries that we may have are always dealt with in a friendly and efficient manner. Feedback has been very positive and it is our intention to stay with this scheme for the foreseeable future.

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