Keeping customers on the road with Michelin

What's the problem

Michelin wanted a new way of rewarding loyal customers – one that incorporated fuel. The solution had to be simple yet effective, with a quick turnaround for customers receiving rewards, forever linking fuel with Michelin’s brand promise in the minds of consumers.

Michelin image grid

What We Did

We provided Michelin’s loyal customers with prepaid fuel cards when they purchased two or more tyres. Michelin provided us with the details of all qualifying customers, who then received a fuel gift card loaded with a pre-determined value, based on the size of tyres purchased. Cards were then sent directly to the customer.

Once the customer received their card, they simply activated it, and it was ready to go! Customers were able to keep track of the remaining balance through their online account, or via a dedicated hotline.

With over 30% more customers participating than expected, Michelin has now launched a second promotion, and are continuing to reward loyal customers with fuel gift cards.

Given the volatility of fuel prices, the cost of fuel matters greatly to drivers, and the chance to receive free fuel is an attractive prospect. The fuel gift card is the perfect fulfilment mechanism for this promotion, as it can redeemed so easily at all manned fuel stations in the UK. We are delighted with the results to date.

- Helen Stoddard, Operational Marketing Manager


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