A campaign with real bite for Cobra beer, with VIP experiences to be won

What's the problem?

Molson Coors wanted a campaign for Cobra beer that would reach consumers across a wide range of different mediums, with amazing prizes to match. They came to us to make it happen.

What we did

Consumers who purchased specially branded packs of Cobra beer had the chance to win a VIP experience voucher worth approximately £1,000. The promotion was advertised in-store via free-standing display units, posters and shelf-takers, and featured on the Cobra website, as well as being promoted through social media channels. To enter the promotion, the consumer had to purchase special packs and enter the last four digits from their barcode at the promotional website for a chance to win one of 624 vouchers. Once they had entered the barcode, they received an automatic message communicated via a bespoke video confirming whether or not they were a winner. Winners were invited to select their preferred choice of experience through a drop-down list on the winning page.

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