Reaching out to everyone in the National Grid workforce - wherever they are

National Grid man in hard hat surveying plans

What's the problem?

National Grid have employees of all ages, ranging from some aged 60+, who have enjoyed long careers, to those who have recently joined the company via their range of apprenticeship, graduate, or other hire programmes.

National Grid wants to recruit and retain the best talent for their workforce – and among that talent there needs to be a strong supply of skilled engineers and technical expertise. Engineers are currently sought after in the UK, but are also in short supply – so the competition to attract them is fierce. It’s more important than ever for the organisation to stand out to prospective (and current) talent for all the right reasons.

As strong advocates for employee engagement, the benefits package offered by National Grid has to tick a lot of boxes. Not only does it have to be competitive, and accessible to all employees, including the field-force and remote workers, but it has to appeal to a wide demographic.

Download the full case study now to find out how we helped National Grid work together to reach and engage their staff.

National Grid employees at work

We’re looking for something that is easy and accessible for all employees to understand and use. The products must appeal to employees and add value to their employee experience. How successful this is will show in the take-up rates; if the take up is good it’ll show the benefit is relevant for people and therefore engaging them.

- Anna Stoneman, Reward Specialist at National Grid

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