Creating a bespoke system to encourage the best care ways of working

What's the problem?

We spoke to Rebecca Fennell, UKIR OD Manager at Nutricia about exactly why successful employee engagement is not just about recognition, but about getting it right.

“Before we introduced a dedicated program, the main challenge we faced was a very ad-hoc approach to recognition. It was really inconsistent across the organisation as it was all very ‘localised.’ Different functions did different things and some people didn’t do anything at all. There were no coherent ways of working and the workforce was not unified in its goals. To be honest it was demotivating because some people weren’t recognised and some people felt they got low value awards compared to colleagues. It was defeating the purpose of recognising people entirely. We needed a tool that could help everyone be recognised. A tool that would help our people to understand our best care culture- and help embed the best care ways of working…”

Download the full case study now, to find our more about how we worked with Nutricia to address their regognition challenges..

Not only have Sodexo been cost effective and great at designing around our image - they have also spent a lot of time trying to understand our culture and they really get us.

- Rebecca Fennell, UKIR OD Manager at Nutricia.

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