How SCI-MX bossed their fitness campaign and bulked up brand awareness

What’s the problem?

SCI-MX wanted to run an interactive promotion with the aim to raise brand awareness and audience engagement.

The promotion itself was focused on people aged 18-34 with a serious passion for health, fitness, and the supplements that facilitate superior performance and recovery. It was publicised across social media in a bid to engage existing followers, and through sponsored adverts to amplify potential reach.

SCI-MX’s campaign urged its audience to show what they were made of, and to Be the Boss. The competition asked participants to submit videos of themselves doing unique and inspiring activities, in or out of the gym, that showcased their own physical capabilities.

Download the full case study now to find out how we helped SCI-MX to come up with a relevant, engaging prize that would tick all the boxes..

We needed to create a reward that people wanted to invest time in. The reason we went to Sodexo was to create an amazing prize that people really wanted to win.



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