How SCI-MX bossed their fitness campaign and bulked up brand awareness

The Story So Far

Leaders in fitness nutrition, SCI-MX put the idea of “you at your best” at the heart of everything they do. Ahead of the game in advanced nutrition for muscle development, physique transformation and increased performance at the gym, their goal is to help people realise their fitness ambitions and potential.

Sci-Mx Flexing muscles

What’s the problem?


SCI-MX wanted to run an interactive promotion with the aim to raise brand awareness and audience engagement.

The promotion itself was focused on people aged 18-34 with a serious passion for health, fitness, and the supplements that facilitate superior performance and recovery. It was publicised across social media in a bid to engage existing followers, and through sponsored adverts to amplify potential reach.

SCI-MX’s campaign urged its audience to show what they were made of, and to Be the Boss. The competition asked participants to submit videos of themselves doing unique and inspiring activities, in or out of the gym, that showcased their own physical capabilities.

Sci-Mx Flexing muscles

What we did

With multiple prizes on offer, including £10-£100 SCI-MX vouchers among others, people were prepared to go the extra mile. From tyre flipping to base jumping and circus acrobatics, the promotion really did inspire some incredible entries, from some enthusiastic fitness fanatics.

But it was the top 10 fitness enthusiasts-cum-amateur filmmakers who would make it to the final event (at the Body Power convention in Birmingham). This lucky troupe of Boss wannabes then had to sweat it out against each other in a gruelling test of strength and stamina, in a bid to become the Boss and win the amazing headline prize.

The value of the prize made this one of the biggest SCI-MX competitions to date, and the brand came to us directly thanks to their prior knowledge of Sodexo’s unrivalled expertise in delivering first-rate travel experiences.

And so, we were handed a budget and brief by SCI-MX to come up with a relevant, engaging prize that would tick all the boxes.

A Mediterranean medley...

We needed to create a reward that people wanted to invest time in. The reason we went to Sodexo was to create an amazing prize that people really wanted to win.


We came back with a selection of ideas, aligned with the brief, that spanned from Ibiza to Muscle Beach in Santa Monica and Miami. Each prize concept was engineered to deliver experiences that SCI-MX’s chief demographic would relish.

After much consideration, SCI-MX chose Ibiza. As is the case with short haul trips, it meant they could stretch their budget to include additional experiences that would augment the overall appeal of the prize.


Extra experiences for added appeal

Then, we set about doing what we do best – pulling together a trip that would turn heads and incentivise the competition audience to pick up their smartphones, tablets and video cameras, and get filming.

The holiday, which consisted of a seven-night stay in a four-star Platinum Club Bahamas hotel in Playa Den Bossa, Ibiza, was planned and executed by our prize team to a T. But it didn’t stop there – the all-inclusive getaway was tailored to include some unforgettable experiences that went above and beyond the generic beach holiday.

The finalists who came to Body Power were so enthused – they really wanted the holiday.


As usual, we really went the extra mile in our mission to deliver something special. Using close industry contacts, we organised exclusive entry into world-renowned nightclub Pure Pacha, and their decadent cabaret event Paris By Night.

Winners also received tickets to let loose at the Aguamar water park, and even got the chance to party down and sail away on the Beautiful People boat party — what better place for the buff bodied winner to see and be seen? Things certainly weren’t done in half measures, and the resulting prize was a testament to this.

Working with Sodexo

With a high number of entrants, and an extremely desirable prize to boot, the brand – who had set out to bulk-up brand awareness and engagement – saw greater levels of interaction from customers, not only throughout the promotion, but also once the competition had closed.

Maintaining an open line of communication with the winner, plus the expert handling of travel logistics, were both crucial in the delivery of a seamless experience – an experience that helped to secure the overall success of the promotion.

We were also given rein enough to demonstrate great account management, and forging a friendly relationship with SCI-MX in the process.

The winner showed immense gratitude for the prize, and even submitted the workout routine he used to train for the final – showing what he got up to and how to get ready for the competition, and organically promoting the brand to like-minded people across the web.

He still keeps in touch and is an avid customer… oh, and he’s still buff.

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