Helping Siemens champion their values - and their employees

What's the problem?

Over recent years Siemens has devoted its efforts to ensure that their values, approach and culture are embedded into the UK Siemens culture. Recognising and rewarding employees is an important part of this, and is essential for driving behaviours that demonstrate company values. A single cohesive recognition scheme was needed to amalgamate a number of recognition schemes that had previously gone before, to deliver a new consistent message, approach, and reporting.

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What we did

We developed Siemens Champions, the start of a new company culture and values, and amalgamation of everything that had gone before. Much more than just a standard reward scheme, Champions drives employees’ behaviours and focuses on the recognition of them at all levels of the business by their peers. Nominations rise through local manager, business area, and eventually progress to company-wide awards.

Communications and the delivery mechanic for recognition were carefully considered, with a single website created to manage the recognition structure across all businesses, including reporting and invoicing. The single website enables a consistent approach, while allowing a degree of flexibility and control from each business area, helping to generate local buy-in.

Recognition can be submitted online, by SMS or through a freepost card system, and both individuals and teams can be recognised via e-card, instant rewards, or a podium award, thereby ensuring that all employees have the ability to send and receive thanks at any time.

A key objective of Champions is to continually promote and embed the Siemens values:

    • Responsible
    • Excellent
    • Innovative
    • Zero Harm

All recognition given must be associated to a value, thereby reinforcing the vision of the organisation every time a thank you nomination is made.

With the Champions programme, people are encouraged to share stories and nominate their colleagues who have gone well beyond their job description, who have helped others in inspirational ways, or have moved mountains to meet a customer deadline. Regularly receiving appreciation is hugely motivational and supports our ownership culture. It is all about recognising people for what they do and how they do it.

- Karen Gaynor, Head of Reward for Siemens UK and Europe

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