Spreading the love with Virgin Active

What's the problem?

Virgin Active were keen to provide their employees with valuable rewards as part of their existing employee recognition structure. They wanted to ensure that their rewards are highly valued by their staff in order to encourage employees to recognise one another, and foster a positive and supportive working environment.

Virgin Active image grid

What we did

Virgin Active employees who go the extra mile within their working day are nominated by colleagues and member feedback, which can earn them a £25 voucher cheque – otherwise known as a Virgin Active ‘Love Cheque’.

Virgin Active also use the Love Cheques to reward long-serving staff by giving £100 worth of vouchers to each employee that reaches 10 years of service. Employees are able to spend their reward on anything from the weekly shop to going towards their dream holiday.

Over 5,500 Love Cheques have been issued to Virgin Active employees who have gone above and beyond in displaying the Virgin Active values. Employees have utilised the wide choice of retailers in which they can spend their voucher cheques as redemption rates have reached 65%.

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