Hassle-free benefit procurement

We provide a range of framework agreements that help public sector organisations save time and money while still offering amazing employee benefits.


What you get

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Cost effective access to our services with all the normal safeguards
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A wide array of popular employee benefits that make a real difference to people's lives
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Cost-neutral benefit options that can actually fund future HR initiatives

Why choose us

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Over 50 years of experience providing quality of life services
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Award winning and proven track record in working with public sector bodies and central government
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Dedicated and experienced account managers to help you every step of the way

How we deliver

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Collaborative approach that puts your needs, goals and budgets first
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Communication and marketing tools to easily reach employees
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Real-time reporting to view savings and take-up of each benefit

 Public sector Employee benefits made simple

For the NHS, local authorities, and other public sector organisations, procurement can often be a long and lengthy process. We understand that it can be expensive for you and your team to sort out all the different benefits you want for your staff.

That’s why we aim to make it as simple as we can for public sector organisations to access amazing benefits. We’ve been awarded a range of framework agreements that mean you still get excellent choice in what you offer, with huge cost and time savings for your procurement team.

With no need for a lengthy (and costly!) tendering and procurement process, we can get you up and running with employee benefits in almost no time at all. Frameworks such as these are viewed as best practice by the government, so you can rest assured that quality, security and safeguards are all a given. Using a framework doesn’t mean you’re restricted, either – we can customise all of our products and service level agreements to make sure all of your organisation’s needs are completely met.

Trust Europe
Cheshire West & Chester
(Public sector contract)
Surrey County CouncilKettering HospitalNOE CPC
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Employee discountsGlow Tick IconGlow Tick IconGlow Tick IconGlow Tick IconGlow Tick Icon
Childcare vouchersGlow Tick IconGlow Tick IconGlow Tick IconGlow Tick IconGlow Tick IconGlow Tick Icon
Cycle-to-workGlow Tick IconGlow Tick IconGlow Tick IconGlow Tick IconGlow Tick IconGlow Tick Icon
Mobile phonesGlow Tick IconGlow Tick IconGlow Tick IconGlow Tick IconGlow Tick Icon
ComputersGlow Tick IconGlow Tick IconGlow Tick IconGlow Tick Icon
Annual leaveGlow Tick IconGlow Tick IconGlow Tick IconGlow Tick Icon
Car parkingGlow Tick IconGlow Tick IconGlow Tick IconGlow Tick Icon
Car leasingGlow Tick Icon*Glow Tick IconGlow Tick Icon
Personal learningGlow Tick Icon*Glow Tick IconGlow Tick IconGlow Tick Icon
Employee assistanceGlow Tick Icon

*schemes only available via the managed service solution

  • ESPO

    Eligible authorities:

    • Local Authorities
    • NHS Bodies
    • Police, Fire and Rescue
    • Educational establishments
    • Charities
    • Social housing associations

    ESPO Contract Reference: 319-15

    Contact: Kate Richardson
    Tel: 0116 294 4075
    Email: k.richardson@espo.org

  • Healthtrust Europe

    Eligible authorities:

    • NHS organisations
    • Emergency services
    • Local authorities
    • Universities & colleges
    • Other: UK ministerial departments, registered charities, HM prison, MoD

    OJEU Reference: 2013/S 234-406233

    Contact: Rebecca Phillips
    Tel: 07827 309479
    Email: rebecca.phillips@healthtrusteurope.com

  • North of England CPC

    Eligible authorities:

    • NHS organisations (NOE CPC members)

    OJEU Reference: 2013/S 019-028663

    Contact: Alison Petrie
    Tel: 0114 226 4577
    Email: alison.petrie@noecpc.nhs.uk

  • Kettering General Hospital

    Eligible authorities:

    • NHS organisations
    • Local authorities

    OJEU Reference: 2013/S 131-226758

    Contact: Derek Handley
    Tel: 01536 491523
    Email: derek.handley@kgh.nhs.uk

  • Cheshire West & Chester Council (public sector contract)

    Eligible authorities (Cheshire):

    • NHS organisations
    • Emergency services
    • Local authorities (UK-wide)
    • Universities & colleges
    • Other: Altogether Better Partners in NW England

    OJEU Reference: 2013/S 233-404504

    Contact: Jill Crockett
    Tel: 01244 972068
    Email: jill.crockett@cheshiresharedservices.gov.uk

Everything in one place

Our entire portfolio of employee benefit services are accessed through one online platform. Whether you want the full package, or just one specific service, it's all delivered through the same easy-to-use portal.

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What employee benefits can do for the public sector

Employee benefits are a becoming a really essential tool for employee engagement, providing some much-needed support that can make a big impact on people’s lives every single day. This is particularly true in sectors where ongoing cuts make it difficult to provide consistent above-inflation pay rises.

Instead, the right mix of employee benefits can provide savings and discounts that can far exceed a pay rise, while benefits such as salary sacrifice and annual leave purchase can make some substantial savings for the organisation too, thanks to reduced wages and NI contributions.

Benefits packages play an essential part in keeping staff sticking around, as well as attracting potential new employees – on top of the financial support they give, benefits contribute to a positive culture where it’s clear than an employer wants the best for their employees.

Employee Engagement

When we say engagement, we really mean happiness. Employees that are happy at work feel more loyal, do more, care more, do better, and stay with you for longer. It's that simple.

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Attracting and Retaining Talent

People are changing jobs more than ever before, so if you want to attract new talent and keep it around, having an engaged and happy workforce is more important now than ever. It’s what makes you more than just the employer people settle for.

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Growing a Positive Workplace Culture

There's no shortcut to a great workplace culture. One that makes a real difference to the employee experience every single day. It's not about table football and casual Fridays - it's more than that. We don't do gimmicks, we just take who you are and make it better.

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