Get your employees to work with a smile

The cost of commuting can take up over 10% of your employees’ salaries. Give them the support they need to get to work.


What you get

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Fully managed cycle-to-work and car leasing programmes
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Huge savings on annual public transport and parking season ticket costs
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A fantastic benefit that helps employees stretch their salaries further

Why choose us

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Over 50 years of experience connecting businesses and employees
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Employee communications plans to increase take-up
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Great retailer and supplier links give employees the best range of choices

How we deliver

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Secure online portals for HR to monitor usage and applications
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Dedicated account managers to support you every step of the way
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Email comms, printed collateral and employee roadshows

Conquering commuter costs

No matter how much your employees love their job, getting into work will always be a hassle. Rail fares are rising, cars cost too much (and aren’t very green!), and parking that’s both affordable and convenient is a Venn diagram that just never crosses over.

Time to be the superstar employer that supports staff every single day by helping with the cost of the commute. Make the journey to work more affordable and manageable by letting your employees spread the cost of a season ticket, or even a new set of wheels, directly from their salary.

And, of course, we keep the administration to a minimum for you, negotiating with suppliers, automating payments, handling all queries from your employees, and providing a robust online platform where all of these benefits can be accessed. It’s easy for your employees, and easy for you. As for us? Well, we don’t mind rolling up our sleeves and getting things done.

Our range

  • Cars

    Provide worry-free motoring with no deposit - and maintenance, servicing and insurance are included. Plus there's great purchase options at the end of the lease. Choosing ultra-low emission models will also see the payments deducted before tax and NI as a reward for going green, saving both you and your employee money. Can't say fairer than that.

  • Parking

    We've got great links with all the main car parking providers nationwide, offering up great savings by splitting an annual fee over 12 months on top of a corporate rate that you won't be able to get anywhere else. Time to say goodbye to that morning battle over spaces outside the office.

  • Season Tickets

    Everyone knows that public transport is draining wallets and wage slips across the UK, so help your employees access the best possible annual rates by letting them split that big one-off payment over 12 months. Train, tube, bus, helicopter… probably not the helicopter, actually. But we can definitely help you with the rest.

  • Cycle-to-Work

    Get your employees switching four wheels for two with a cycle-to-work scheme that will help them split the cost of a new bike and safety gear into affordable monthly payments, saving up to 32% in tax and NI. We have great links with bike retailers to help your people find their dream ride – and you'll get the added bonus of fitter, healthier staff from all that daily pedalling.

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Everything in one place

Our entire portfolio of employee benefit services are accessed through one online platform. Whether you want the full package, or just one specific service, it's all delivered through the same easy-to-use portal.

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What commuting benefits can do for you

Your employees are saving money, and that’s good news for you – because you’re the one who’s helped them save. So on top of the reduced stress and more positive outlook that comes from a life with less financial worries, you also get fantastic engagement with your employees – they’ll definitely be grateful for the support you’ve given, and they’ll likely spread the word too. It all contributes to that caring workplace culture, where it’s clear that you’re thinking about what your employees need.

Helping with commuting costs is a big investment for your staff – especially when it comes to cars. Season tickets take 12 months to pay off, cars take even longer – it’s a very big gesture that you’re willing to invest in a person’s career with you, and that you expect to see them around for a long time. It also means your employees are effectively buying into sticking with you. You just can’t beat it for retention! Scroll down to find out more.

Employee Engagement

When we say engagement, we really mean happiness. Employees that are happy at work feel more loyal, do more, care more, do better, and stay with you for longer. It's that simple.

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Attracting and Retaining Talent

People are changing jobs more than ever before, so if you want to attract new talent and keep it around, having an engaged and happy workforce is more important now than ever. It’s what makes you more than just the employer people settle for.

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Growing a Positive Workplace Culture

There's no shortcut to a great workplace culture. One that makes a real difference to the employee experience every single day. It's not about table football and casual Fridays - it's more than that. We don't do gimmicks, we just take who you are and make it better.

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