What employee discounts can do for you

When it comes to recognising people who are doing their best, or providing support in line with inflation, pay rises have long been an essential tool for employers. But raising employee pay isn’t always possible, and this is where discounts can really make an impact.

Giving your employees access to savings in all areas of life – from the essentials to luxury and leisure activities – can offer the equivalent of an inflation-busting pay rise. Instead of earning a little bit more, you’re helping them pay a lot less – and over the course of a year, it can really add up. Keep scrolling to find out more.

Employee Discounts and savings that make a difference

We help your employees save hundreds of pounds every year with access to a huge range of exclusive discounts.


What you get

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Discounts at 130,000 retail and entertainment locations
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Up to 15% cashback on all prepaid card purchases
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One easy-to-use platform for all outcomes and services

Why choose us

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50 years of employee and consumer behaviour expertise
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Tailored engagement plans designed for your employees
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Award-winning employee benefits providers

How we deliver

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Instant digital codes sent direct to employees
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Traditional paper vouchers for the personal touch
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Online platform for use in browser or on mobile

Help wages stretch further

Helping with the weekly shop, holidays, new tech, weekend activities for the whole family – it’s all accessible, useful and in-demand, with real value through big savings. Our network of partners and retailers is huge, full of names that your employees will know and love, and discounts can be delivered through pre-planned strategies or spontaneous methods.

Vouchers, e-vouchers, platforms and apps mean you’re never short of options for maximising the spending power in people’s pockets, and your employees have even more ways to use it.

Our prepaid employee cashback card gives even more flexibility for smart shoppers, and by branding them with your own logo and imagery, you’re always in your employees’ back pockets, ready to help them out. There’s also the option to incorporate them into your incentive and recognition strategy by topping them up as a welcome reward.

Our Range

  • High street discounts

    Give your employees exclusive discounts at six major supermarkets, over 100 high street chains, 26 restaurant chains, over 42 entertainment venues, and lots of independent stores too – that’s over 130,000 locations across the UK! You can be sure there'll be something for everyone, and with in-store and online discounts, as well as digital and postal delivery available, it's easy to access discounts that matter.

  • Cinema discounts

    We're the biggest provider of B2B cinema tickets and discounts in the UK, working with seven chains and 200 independent cinemas across 600 locations – over 90% of people are within 20 minutes of one of our cinemas. Your employees can make movie memories with great discounts on paper or digital tickets and annual passes, as well as food and drink offers. Lights, camera, discounts!

  • Holiday discounts

    We're your employees' personal travel agent! We're the only ATOL-protected, ABTA and IATA-bonded agency in the UK designed completely for employees. We always make sure your staff get the very best deals on flights, hotels, tours and packages. We even help with the extra bits, like insurance and parking. Prices are pre-discounted too – so there's no sneaky increases when you check out.

  • Affordable technology

    Give your employees the latest tech, with the option to spread the cost through their salary. There's no upfront cost, credit checks or interest for them – just an affordable payment plan for the latest mobiles, laptops, smart TVs, tablets and more.

  • Employee cashback card

    Take your discount programme to the next level with cashback on every spend. Our prepaid contactless cashback cards can be loaded with funds instantly online, and then give up to 15% cashback on every purchase made with over 60 key retailers (there'll be plenty down your nearest high street!). We've issued over 600,000 Visa prepaid cards, with over £1 billion loaded onto them – they’re everywhere!

Everything in one place

Our entire portfolio of employee benefit services are accessed through one online platform. Whether you want the full package, or just one specific service, it's all delivered through the same easy-to-use portal.

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