Physical, Financial and Mental Wellbeing support from Sodexo

We believe in helping people through all of life’s challenges, working with employers to improve employee health and wellbeing support.

Our approach is a holistic one, addressing mental, physical and financial factors to give your employees the solid foundations they need to perform at their best.

This is what we do

Our health and wellbeing benefits have a proven track record in reducing stress, helping people cope with financial struggles, and creating a culture that understands mental health needs. They actively drive people to take preventive steps to improve their health. This all helps reduce absenteeism, as well as its productivity-killing partner, presenteeism.

The key to making sure your employees are as happy, healthy and motivated as they can be is to become the kind of organisation that cares – the kind of supportive employer that keeps employees for the long haul.


Our Services

Physical Wellbeing

The long-term positive impacts you can make by providing healthcare services, and creating the opportunity for lifestyle changes, shouldn't be taken for granted. From health screenings to discounted gym memberships, help people help themselves.

Healthy bodies
Financial Wellbeing

As well as our money-saving discounts, we can also work with you to provide money management tools and financial education that can make a real difference in your employees' lives, helping relieve financial stresses.

Healthy wallets
Mental Wellbeing

Providing mental health support has a hugely positive impact in and out of work. Mental health, stress and anxiety are serious issues facing the nation's workforce, and creating a culture where it's OK to talk about it is a big part of improving wellbeing

Healthy minds

Why choose Sodexo?

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    An experienced approach

    We've been providing quality of life services for more than 50 years, and our research into today's workplaces mean we're always ahead of the curve.

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    Engagement experts

    We specialise in increasing engagement with the benefits you provide, with creative comms, and easy-to-use websites and platforms that boost take-up.

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    Discounts that make a difference

    Our time in the industry has seen us build up a huge network of discount partners, so we can help your employees get great rates at their chosen gym and reduce the cost of their weekly shop.

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