Healthy people equal a healthy business

Improve employee physical wellbeing and reduce absences and ill health with benefits that keep people in tip-top shape.


What you get

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The broadest range of bikes for your employees to choose from
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Great corporate gym rates at over 2,900 locations across the UK
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Flexible health plans and screenings for hands-on healthcare support

Why choose us

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Over 50 years of experience supporting businesses and employees
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Huge network of third-party partners, giving excellent choice
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One easy-to-use platform for all employee benefit services

How we deliver

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Convenient and easy-to-use online booking systems
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Tailored engagement plans to get your staff involved
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Dedicated account managers support you every step of the way

Healthy people equal a healthy business

Healthy employees are happy employees – that’s the kind of conventional wisdom that everyone knows. And helping with access to exercise and healthcare means you’re the kind of employer that cares – and reduced absences, increased productivity, and greater engagement will be your reward.

These are benefits that can really make a difference to employees’ lives – from the everyday essentials to things you hope they’ll never need, but it’s best to have them there just in case. Discounts and payment plans can massively improve access to much-needed exercise and preventative healthcare measures.

We manage these programmes for you, handling the logistics at every step of the way. This means you can provide a far-reaching, holistic range of benefits without really lifting a finger – we handle queries from your employees, manage payments, and support you all the way. Leave the heavy lifting to us – you can save it for the gym.

Our Range

  • Cycle-to-Work

    Our links with bike retailers means your employees can find the bike of their dreams, and save up to 32% in tax and NI contributions. Cycling is one of the best forms of exercise there is, not least because it slots nicely into a commute – it works every muscle group, and cuts serious health risks by over 40%. Get them on their bikes!

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  • Gym Memberships

    Expensive gym memberships can put people off looking after their health. Get your employees back on the treadmill with the lowest available corporate rates at over 2,900 UK club chains, leisure centres, hotels and independent gyms.

  • Health Screening

    We provide affordable options for both employer and employee-funded screenings for total flexibility. The insight gained from your employees' results will also be invaluable at helping you target your health and wellbeing programme – it's often the best starting point.

  • Health Plans

    Find flexible options for third party health plans that give the perfect solution for you and your employees. We've got a fantastic network of suppliers, backed up by our own supportive account managers, who are with you every step of the way. We take the stress out of finding the right plan, and keeping it running year in, year out.

Everything in one place

Our entire portfolio of employee benefit services are accessed through one online platform. Whether you want the full package, or just one specific service, it's all delivered through the same easy-to-use portal.

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What employee physical wellbeing benefits can do for you

Staff absences cost businesses a bundle, so the immediate impacts of creating happier, healthier employees that get more done and take less time off are pretty obvious. The lifestyle changes that your employees will be able to make with exercise and preventative care will have huge benefits, both in and out of work.

But providing these options has benefits beyond physical health – it all contributes to a workplace culture that really cares, that people want to be a part of. While many benefits, such as flexible working or childcare support may increasingly be expected, healthcare support still creates a big draw for potential employees, and can play a big role in keeping them sticking around. Keep scrolling to find out more.

Employee Engagement

When we say engagement, we really mean happiness. Employees that are happy at work feel more loyal, do more, care more, do better, and stay with you for longer. It's that simple.

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Attracting and Retaining Talent

People are changing jobs more than ever before, so if you want to attract new talent and keep it around, having an engaged and happy workforce is more important now than ever. It’s what makes you more than just the employer people settle for.

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Growing a Positive Workplace Culture

There's no shortcut to a great workplace culture. One that makes a real difference to the employee experience every single day. It's not about table football and casual Fridays - it's more than that. We don't do gimmicks, we just take who you are and make it better.

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