Strategies that drive change

Changing behaviour isn’t always easy, whether it’s encouraging people to make a small difference to their local community, or improving behaviours that can impact people’s wellbeing on a large scale.

We have decades of experience in providing incentive and recognition programmes to businesses across the world, and a proven track record of using these principles to drive true behavioural change in the public sector.


Engaging incentives and rewards

Incentives make a real difference, particularly when compared to a purely educational approach that lacks the same immediate, tangible effect of changing behaviour. Incentives create an emotional connection by providing the option to attain rewards. Rewards that improve people’s lives, with the added benefit of an improved reputation for public bodies that can help increase their community reach.


Our services

Our incentive solutions are focused on platforms that are straightforward for our clients to run and easy for their end-users to use, combined with carefully considered rewards that always make an impact.

Incentive Platforms

Our incentive platforms give users a single port of call for redeeming rewards, and are easily monitored for usage and effectiveness. We manage these platforms in house, reducing the administrative burden on our client's resources.

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Incentive Rewards

We're the reward experts, specialising in connecting the correct rewards to desired behaviours in a way that strengthens communities by building connections between government bodies and the end users they serve. We deliver the intricate pieces which create positive social change - the things that make all the difference.

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Why choose Sodexo?

We help organisations do more. We work closely with you to ensure that we’re always achieving the outcomes you need.

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    Behaviour specialists

    Our success at changing behaviours for the better through incentive and recognition has been tried, tested and proven across thousands of businesses and communities all over the UK. At our core is a principle of working closely with people, understanding their needs and challenges.

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    We build our incentive solutions around what you want to achieve, considering both your internal goals and the needs of your service end users. We're always looking for the best, most effective solutions, and are always working to improve what we do.

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    Tight budgets shouldn't mean a service that isn't up to scratch, and loses sight of what's important – people. We know that budget considerations are an issue and may also be able to offer solutions that are cost-neutral.