Rewards that make a difference

Our popular better-than-cash rewards have a proven track record of driving positive change and improving financial inclusion.


What you get

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Popular, valuable and inspiring rewards that resonate with people
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Incentive and recognition strategies shown to encourage and develop positive behaviour
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Sourcing, warehousing, fulfilment and delivery of rewards

Why choose us

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Over 20 years of B2B reward fulfilment experience
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Long-standing strategic partnerships with central government
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The largest network of reward partners in the UK

How we deliver

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Vouchers, gift-cards, e-vouchers, visa prepaid cards and voucher cheques
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Customer support hotlines to answer any queries from your service users
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Full reporting to help services remain optimised and efficient

Enabling positive behavioural change

Through working with government agencies extensively over the last decade, we’ve developed incentive and reward strategies that really make a difference. We help to change the way your service users interact with their communities, and provide better-than-cash financial solutions that can really make a difference to people’s lives.

We work with a global network of partners – retailers, leisure and entertainment, and a whole range of other services – to provide popular rewards that people will want, and will work to achieve. Our rewards are easily modified to appeal to a range of needs and audiences, allowing you to provide a useful, non-intrusive incentive, providing excellent levels of community engagement.

If you have third-party providers of your own, we can bring them together under one convenient incentive platform. Or, if you’re new to rewards, we’ll introduce you to all the options out there, and work with you to find the most effective ways to drive positive change across the communities you work with.

Our Offering

  • Vouchers, Gift Cards and E-Vouchers

    We give you access to versatile payment solutions for dozens of well-known and much-loved brands. Both single and multi-retailer options are available, giving you the option to tie rewards to a specific theme, or provide a little bit more choice.

  • Freedom Rewards

    Prepaid cards that give your service users total freedom on where they use their rewards. Powered by Visa, they can be used online, in stores, and at ATMs, without the need for a bank account. With four-year expiry dates, you can also top up online to reward again and again.

  • Merchandise

    We have over 3,500 merchandise options that can be either offered as one-off rewards, or provided through our incentive platform in exchange for points earned for meeting incentives. The latest tech, toys, clothes, watches, homewares – a fantastic opportunity to give your service users access to rewards that they may otherwise be unable to afford.

What our rewards can do for you

Incentives need to be relevant to be impactful – people won’t be driven to change their behaviour by something that’s of no interest to them. Our rewards have been developed to appeal to as many people as possible while still providing something specific and relevant – and we do this through an incredible amount of choice and flexibility.

We refer to our cards, vouchers and digital codes as being better-than-cash, giving people something that they can set aside and use for something special, rather than seeing it swallowed up on everyday expenses. These rewards help drive financial and social inclusion across communities, while also stimulating businesses in the area by giving people the power to spend. Find out more about what can help you achieve with incentives and recognition.

Enabling Social and Financial Inclusion

Our work is always people-focused, addressing the needs and challenges of those that need support, and making an impact on their lives every single day. We make it easier for people to manage their money, and access the services they need.

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Seamless Delivery of Complex Welfare Solutions

We always aim to take complex problems and make them simple. By handling the logistics, we can free up resources and automate processes – all while integrating with existing operations.

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Driving Positive Behavioural Change Across Communities

We have over 50 years of experience creating constructive change for businesses and the public sector. Our incentives and rewards expertise has been proven to transform behaviour for the better.

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