Powerful, insightful tools that change behaviour

Our incentive and recognition expertise and technology drives positive behavioural change in communities across the UK.


What you get

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A powerful online platform for delivering rewards to your service users
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Incentive and recognition strategies shown to encourage and develop positive behaviour
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Bespoke designs that seamlessly fit in with your organisation's look and feel

Why choose us

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Over 50 years of experience providing quality of life services
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Long-standing strategic partnerships with central government
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Data-driven approach to building platform metrics that deliver results

How we deliver

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24/7 access to platforms that can be managed both on and offline
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Customer support hotlines to answer any queries from your service users
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Full reporting to help services remain optimised and efficient

Solutions that are effective and inspirational

Our strategic approach to incentives and recognition has a proven track record of driving real, lasting behavioural change across the UK. At Sodexo, we always put people first, understanding what it is people need to create positive changes in their own lives and communities, and providing the tools needed to make it happen.

The technology powering our platform is secure, easy to use, and completely scalable, making it suitable for use in small local initiatives and nationwide campaigns alike. Our tools are designed to be easy for users to engage with, so there are no barriers to accessing resources that can help drive positive changes. They’re easy for our clients to manage, too, reducing administrative costs and burdens.

Everything works across one online platform, but we also provide offline resources that will help you reach everyone, ensuring that people aren’t left behind due to a lack of a computer or internet access. Real change needs to include everyone – and that’s what we do.

  • The Biggest Range of Rewards

    We have the largest rewards network in the UK, and are able to source and fulfil appropriate rewards tailored to the goal of your initiatives, or the needs of your service users. We put thought and care into the rewards we provide, ensuring that they'll resonate with people's lives in a way that helps you achieve the best results.

  • Fully Customisable

    Our incentive platform can be built to your specifications, using a range of different interchangeable components to determine how incentives and rewards are served. We can also create a bespoke front-end design that matches the look and feel of your organisation, inspiring confidence from your users.

  • Powerful Reporting

    You can control the metrics, rewards, campaign timing, and a number of other variables to help you monitor and maximise engagement levels. Full reporting tools will enable you to see the impact that your initiatives are making, and we'll always be on hand to advise you on ways to refine and improve.

What an incentive platform can do for you

An incentive platform can be implemented alongside existing initiatives to help alter and reinforce favourable behaviours by providing recognition and rewards to service users. It can be as small and simple as encouraging one small area to recycle, or as complex and far-reaching as nationwide health or benefit campaigns.

Influencing behaviour isn’t about dictating what people should and shouldn’t do – no end of psychological studies will show that this doesn’t work. Giving people the choice to change, with clear criteria on the best course of action to take and the benefit they’ll see from getting there, is what really makes a difference. Find out more about what we can help you achieve with our incentive platform.

Enabling Social and Financial Inclusion

Our work is always people-focused, addressing the needs and challenges of those that need support, and making an impact on their lives every single day. We make it easier for people to manage their money, and access the services they need.

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Seamless Delivery of Complex Welfare Solutions

We always aim to take complex problems and make them simple. By handling the logistics, we can free up resources and automate processes – all while integrating with existing operations.

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Driving Positive Behavioural Change Across Communities

We have over 50 years of experience creating constructive change for businesses and the public sector. Our incentives and rewards expertise has been proven to transform behaviour for the better.

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