Facilitating online payments for government bodies

Safe and secure online payment platforms designed for local authorities, making it simple to manage and deliver payments to service users.


What you get

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Processing and managing payments through a secure online platform
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A practical solution for service users with limited financial capabilities
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Reduced time and operational cost spent on administration of payments

Why choose us

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Over 50 years of experience providing quality of life services
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Long-standing strategic partnerships within central government
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Backed by recognised card issuers and banks, with fraud and data protection

How we deliver

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Instant, secure online top-ups to Visa prepaid cards and online accounts
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Customer support carelines to deal with queries from your end-users
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Full reporting platform to help services improve operational performance and efficiencies

Digitalisation that’s simple and accessible

We provide the infrastructure for all public bodies to seamlessly deliver online payments to service users. Whether payments are made to individuals’ bank accounts, an account operated by a service provider, or onto Visa prepaid cards, there is a solution for every need and purpose, providing financial lifelines to some of the most vulnerable and isolated people in society.

Improving individual wellbeing of our clients’ end-users is a guiding principle of everything we do. Our team recognise and understand the importance of personalised, easily managed systems to make sure everyone’s experience is a positive and beneficial one, whether you’re providing housing payments, adult social care, benefits, or any other type of payment distribution. Security is absolutely paramount when facilitating online payments, and we’re backed by recognised financial institutions to provide protection against fraud and data breaches.

We always put people first, not products – whether it’s your staff or your end users, we know just how important it is to be efficient and proactive. That’s why we put a strong emphasis on making digitalisation simple and accessible, helping local authorities and government bodies reduce their admin burden and reliance on paper distribution as much as possible, and freeing up budgets and resources to focus on what really matters – helping people.

Product Features

  • Online Platform

    Our online payment platform was developed to help local authorities process, manage and monitor payments to their service users. Funds can be transferred to either service users' own bank accounts, or accounts run by government bodies, with balances appearing instantly. Users can check their balance online, removing the need for post or SMS communication. The platform can be customised to your organisation's look and feel, providing a seamless experience and peace of mind to users, and the solution is completely scalable – no matter how large or small your user base, it can remain cost-effective.

  • Visa Prepaid Cards

    As well as making payments to accounts, our online platform can also be used in conjunction with our prepaid cards. With over 600,000 of our prepaid cards are in circulation across our consumer, business and public sector clients, and over £1 billion in funds loaded, we can handle any volume of users effectively and securely. Card users don't need a bank account, and can use them anywhere Visa prepaid cards are accepted.

What our online platform can do for you

Many methods of managing and monitoring payments to service users are becoming outdated, with a reliance on postal or SMS updates slowing down processes for people trying to access much-needed funds. Our online platform was designed to facilitate online payments of all kinds, improving financial inclusion for even the most vulnerable and isolated people in your communities, and providing service users with a practical way to use their funds through our Visa prepaid cards.

Efficient, easy-to-use and managed entirely online, there is the potential to save you a great deal of admin time and cost. With better payment tracking and reporting, our platforms and cards have increased efficiency for our clients across the UK. Find out more about the outcomes we can help you achieve with our online payments.

Enabling Social and Financial Inclusion

Our work is always people-focused, addressing the needs and challenges of those that need support, and making an impact on their lives every single day. We make it easier for people to manage their money, and access the services they need.

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Seamless Delivery of Complex Welfare Solutions

We always aim to take complex problems and make them simple. By handling the logistics, we can free up resources and automate processes – all while integrating with existing operations.

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Driving Positive Behavioural Change Across Communities

We have over 50 years of experience creating constructive change for businesses and the public sector. Our incentives and rewards expertise has been proven to transform behaviour for the better.

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