Award winning performances
with the magic of film

As one of the most powerful ways to reach an audience, cinema is a true scene stealer. With a starring role in consumer promotions, there’s a film for every kind of person, so cinema truly appeals to everyone.

As Sodexo Filmology, we’re really proud of our cinema heritage. It’s a big part of what we do, and over the years we’ve built up some awesome, exclusive relationships with all of the major UK cinema chains. Only we can use the power of film in our prizes, rewards and promotions in this way. We guess you could say we’re… just the ticket! Yep, we’ll take our Oscar for best writing now.

This is what we do

Cinema appeals to everyone, offering real value to people of all backgrounds. And matching the core values of your brand with the right film can have a huge impact – with us, you can always be the hero of your story, and you can bet your customers will want to see the sequel too.

Our network of cinema and film partners is unique to us – no one else has our level of coverage across the UK, or works with as many cinema chains as we do. It’s not just the big names – we can show your customers to the seats at their local independent cinema too. This coverage gives you unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to consumers nationwide – you just don’t get that star power anywhere else.

There’s no CGI trickery – we put you in touch with our industry connections, directing your promotions from start to finish, and handling all the on-set logistics. We’re your very own Best Boy. Or we would be, if we knew what that was.


Our services

Film Promotions

Take your next promotion up to the A-list. Film captures the imagination like nothing else, and it reaches absolutely everyone. Who doesn't love a trip to the cinema, after all? We help you reap the benefits to reach your consumers, sparking action that will increase sales.

Lights, camera, action
Cinema Ticket Promotions

This one's pretty simple – we are the biggest supplier of B2B cinema tickets in the UK. If you are looking to run a cinema ticket promotion, then we're your go to guys. How big is your audience? Digital or physical? We can deliver a campaign that can wow your audience!

Admit everyone

The Film Database

Check out our database of upcoming releases – it's a great resource for planning your next campaign, getting people excited about using their cinema vouchers, or even just planning what you're seeing this weekend. It's got everything from new releases to the next five years of Marvel films – take a look at what's on!

Roman Isreal, Esq
Phantom Thread
Journeys End
The Mercy
Fifty Shades Freed
The 15:17 to Paris
Black Panther
The Shape of Water
Father Figures
Lady Bird
Finding Your Feet
I, Tonya
Dark River
Red Sparrow
Game Night
Walk Like A Panther
Wonder Wheel
Tomb Raider
Peter Rabbit
Mary Magdalene
Pacific Rim Uprising
A Wrinkle In Time
Proud Mary
Isle of Dogs
Ready Player One
Death Wish
Love, Simon
The Hurricane Heist
Avengers: Infinity War
The Leisure Seeker
A Quiet Place
Sherlock Gnomes
Life Of The Party
How to Talk to Girls at Parties
Deadpool 2
The Little Vampire
The Breadwinner
Solo: A Star Wars Story

Why choose Sodexo Filmology?

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    The biggest choice

    We work with all the major cinema chains and distributors, covering 90% of the consumers in the UK. We give you exclusive access to screenings and premieres too, helping you provide your consumers with an unforgettable movie experience.

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    A blended approach

    We bring together so many different aspects of consumer promotions and loyalty to deliver the best possible outcomes for you and your customers. Risk management, prizes, travel and more all come together in a star-studded package – without the big-budget Hollywood price tag.

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    Behaviour experts

    We know what your consumers are looking for and we'll help you work out the best ways to reach them through film. We specialise in changing consumer behaviour through the best offers, boosting sales, brand awareness, and customer retention.

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