Promotions with star power

Working with brands and agencies to align the right movie and cinema experience to their brand, creating a buzz and increased engagement.

Films and brand promotions go together like Han and Chewie. The right movie partnership can complement your brand values, add credibility to your marketing campaign and have the power to reach out to just about everyone. It can have a massive impact on attracting customers and boosting sales, with that special star power that makes you stand out from all your competitors.

Whether it’s a campaign plan that exploits the intellectual property of the latest Hollywood blockbuster, or a subtle connection with a niche cinematic release, a connection with an appropriate movie title is a sure-fire way to get your customers old and new to engage with your brand. We’ll make sure we always find the right role for you, maximising the impact of your promotion and your engagement objectives, while always keeping your brand values at the heart of what we do.

Lights, camera, brand recognition! Not as snappy as ‘action’, we know, but you’ll be getting five-star reviews all over.

What We Do

  • Brand and Movie Partnerships

    We work with all the major film distributors, big and small, to make your campaign happen. We also seek permissions, obtain film assets (images, trailers, clips and behind-the-scenes footage), work through all the legal stuff, and even write your terms and conditions too. Easy as American Pie.

  • Prizes and Merchandise

    Give your prize winners a perfect night in or out with our film themed prizes – we're masters at assembling an unbeatable prize library for your campaign, including Sky Store online movie vouchers, DVDs and Blu-rays too. It doesn’t stop with the small screen either – posters, toys, t-shirts and collectables, even movie-themed holiday experiences can be up for grabs.

  • Cinema Tickets

    We're the biggest suppliers of B2B cinema tickets in the UK. By working with all the major cinema chains and more than 200 independents, over 90% of the UK population are just a short trip away from one of our cinema partners– you won't find that level of coverage anywhere else!

  • Movie Release Schedule

    Take a look at our massive movie database. With release dates and synopses for hundreds of upcoming blockbusters, you're sure to find the perfect match for your next sales promotion campaign, whether it's out next week, or you've got a really great idea for Avatar 5 (due in 2025!).

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  • Movie Previews

    Red carpet footage, exclusive trailers, press junkets and cast and crew interviews from what's brand new at the cinema. Each week we publish exclusive news and interviews – perfect for getting people excited about your campaign.

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We've built up amazing links with film distributors to help our clients partner their brand with a film that's perfect for them and their next campaign. Take a look at what's coming up – it might spark some great ideas!

The Gentlemen
Jojo Rabbit
Just Mercy
Bad Boys For Life
A Hidden Life
The Personal History of David Copperfield
Queen & Slim
Rhythm Section
Richard Jewell
The Lighthouse
A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood
Birds of Prey
My Spy
Sonic The Hedgehog
The Call Of The Wild
Fantasy Island
Like A Boss
Brahms: The Boy 2
Dark Waters
The Invisible Man
Trolls World Tour
No Time To Die
The New Mutants
The Secret Garden
Black Widow
Artemis Fowl
Wonder Woman 1984

What our film promotions can do for you

Film promotions have the power to reach out to just about everyone. Millions of people will see the next Bond, Star Wars, or Marvel picture – and that’s just for starters. It can have a massive impact on attracting customers and boosting sales, with that star power making you stand out from all your competitors.

Aligning your brand with films people love makes you part of a global conversation – but it creates local experiences too. Whether it’s the nearest multiplex or hidden gem of an indie, there’s a way for people to engage with your campaign wherever they are in the UK. Scroll down to find out more.

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