Keeping customers coming back

Loyal customers are amazing. We love ours, and we’re sure you love yours too – they spend more with you, they share your best bits, and it costs five times less to keep them around than it does to get a new one.

We’re the loyalty experts. We’ve got the setup and know-how to give your customers so much more, through added-value offers, rewards and epic comms. Our data-led approach means we know exactly what makes people tick.

This is what we do

We’ve done it all when it comes to keeping consumers sticking around. We’d say every trick in the book, but we’re not tricking anyone.

For us it’s about getting to know your customers, so you can create experiences that are perfect for them, and give a happy neon buzz – all connected to you.

Our loyalty programmes have a proven track record in boosting retention. Whether it’s repeat purchases or renewed subscriptions, we help you build up a real relationship with your customers, and we’ll keep a smile on their face.


Our services

Loyalty Platform

Your customised online portal gives your customers access to our huge portfolio of retail and entertainment partners. They get money off all the best stuff in life.

Be their everyday
Loyalty Prepaid Card

Get yourself in their wallets, so you're with them every time they spend. Our prepaid cards have had over £1 billion loaded onto them, earning massive amounts in cashback for people across the UK.

Get in their back pockets

Why choose Sodexo?

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    Communication experts

    Our team of loyalty specialists know their stuff when it comes to reaching people – no matter who your customers are.

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    A holistic approach

    We bring our skills from all areas of the business together to deliver your retention goals. Our collaborative way of working means you get something truly disruptive that breaks the rules.

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    Infrastructure that works

    Our amazing in-house teams and robust platform software means you can trust us to keep things moving. Our stuff works, whether you've got one loyal customer, or one million. We can handle it.

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