Coming up with the goods

Sourcing prizes that perfectly suit your campaign – from simple branded items to weird and wonderful stuff from across the globe.


What you get

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A strategic approach to creating reward experiences
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Merchandise tailored to your brand and message
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Inspiring gifts, rewards and prizes that change consumer behaviour

Why choose us

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Unbeatable network of partners and global resources to source prizes
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Over 30 years of experience providing consumer rewards and competition prizes
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More than just the prize – you get strategic campaign analysis at every stage of the process

How we deliver

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Consultative approach to help you achieve your campaign goals effectively
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We take care of warehousing, fulfilment and distribution
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Dedicated customer service and prize claim hotline

almost Anything you can imagine

We do merch. It’s as simple as that. What merch do we do, you ask? It might be easier to tell you what we don’t do.

Live animals and black market contraband are out – just about anything else is on the table. T-shirts, tablets, phones, computers, jewellery, toys, sports gear, luxury hampers stuffed with food, drinks or cosmetics, bikes cars, boats… we could go on. And on. Whether we’re going big or keeping it subtle, we’re always on the lookout for cool new stuff that people want to win.

From your big headline prizes to the thousand little instant-win rewards or gifts with purchase, we’ll help you come up with the perfect prize for your budget, your brand, and your audience. And if you’ve got a good idea in mind, leave it to us. We can definitely sort you out.

What We Do

  • Sourcing

    Our hands-on small agency approach here in the UK is backed up by the full extent of global resources that come with being part of the Sodexo group – and we use everything at our disposal to help you find the perfect prizes at perfect prices. Leave it with us.

  • Fulfilment

    We're sure you won't want a few hundred boxes dumped on your doorstep while you wait for your customers to step forward and claim their prizes – so we'll hang onto them until then. Shipping, warehousing and all the other logistics are all taken care of by us.

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  • Distribution

    Whether your customers are entering a competition, using reward points on your loyalty platform, receiving things in the post, or celebrating in style at an in-person presentation ceremony, we make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

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What prizes and rewards can do for you

We source merchandise in an almost infinite variety of shapes, sizes, values and purposes. Whatever you’re trying to achieve, whatever behaviour you’re trying to inspire, we’ve got the right option for your brand, and your audience, to make it happen.

A great gift or prize is a direct line from you to consumers – it’s a fantastic way to engage with people. And sometimes the most engaging prize for a particular campaign is simply something with your name on – branded merch is a great way to spread your personal style of love direct to your consumers. Scroll down to find out more.

Inspiring Consumer Loyalty

Loyal customers are the best. It costs so much more to get a new customer than it does to keep one sticking around. But consumer loyalty is something you need to earn – and we’ve been around long enough to know exactly what people are looking for.

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Driving Consumer Sales for Brands

The key to driving sales isn’t just about the numbers, it’s about providing the best possible connection between consumers lives and brand experience. Whether it’s online, on the high street, or on supermarket shelves, there’s loads of different promotions we can use to make sure people throw their hard-earned funds your way.

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Attracting and Engaging Consumers

What sets off that spark in consumers’ minds? We’re all about running disruptive, attention-grabbing promotions. The campaigns that really make a splash in any marketplace, raising awareness while giving your customers the chance to get way more for their money.

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Stand Out from Competitors

Be bigger, better and bolder – but more than anything, be smarter. These days you've got to do more than ever to stand out from the crowd. Our insight and expertise doesn’t just help us think outside of the box. We build a killer box full of new ideas (that’s a thing, right?). It keeps us ahead of the pack, and we’ll take you with us.

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