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Awesome experiences that take a promotion to the next level, with a once-in-a-lifetime prize that people just can’t resist.


What you get

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Awesome experiences that make your brand stand out, drawing in new customers
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Peace of mind - booking, logistics, transport and itinerary are all handled by us
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Unbeatable consumer engagement with experiences that last

Why choose us

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We're the only regulated and fully bonded B2B travel agent in the UK
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Fantastic links with travel companies and attractions for exclusive deals
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Engagement is our business – we'll work with you to find experiences with real impact

How we deliver

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Group bookings and individual arrangements for travel, accommodation and activities
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A dedicated in-house travel team finding you the best deals and handling everything
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Customer support hotline and direct contact with consumers under your name

Blow them away

Every promotion prize should give consumers an experience. Whether it’s something small that just makes their day, or something big and life-affirming that they’ll never forget, it’s that opportunity for your brand to engage with people that really counts.

Here though, we’re definitely talking about the latter kind of prize – unique, attention-grabbing, engaging experiences that really calls out to people. We have an unrivalled network of UK and global partners who help us make these experience and prizes unique . No one does it quite like us!

A prize that really pulls out all the stops, whisking your winners away to somewhere special, is the perfect ending to your campaign. And you better believe we’ve got more than a few ideas for you and your audience. Come and hear all about them.

Memories That Matter

  • Spas and Pampering

    A spot of luxury in the stormy seas of everyday life – it's pretty obvious why serene spa getaways are always popular prizes, and an ideal way to target more demographics than you might well expect. Whether it's a half-day spa and sauna session, or a week-long stay at a five-star resort anywhere in the world, we'll find you the perfect location and package to suit your audience and your budget.

  • Days Out

    We've got thousands – yes, literally thousands – of experience days for you to choose from, and that's just in the UK! Not feeling anything we've got on the go already? No problem – we'll happily cook up something new just about anywhere on Earth. We love a challenge, us. Theme parks, extreme sports, paintballing, afternoon tea on location at Downton Abbey, cocktails on top of the Shard – what do you want to offer?

  • Group Travel

    Ok, let's face it – getting a group of people to all show up in the same place, at the same time, can be a logistical nightmare. Our travel and events team put in all the legwork – the travel, accommodation, itineraries and communication, everything that makes a group trip happen – and you get to take all the credit. It's no bother, really! We'll even be there on the day if you need us.

  • Individual Trips

    We're your lucky winner's personal travel agent, making their grand prize happen exactly how they want it. Everyone has their own preferences, needs and availability, and we're here to make sure that every winner's quirks, schedules and desires are taken care of. It's the prize of their dreams, after all.

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What our unique experiences can do for you

These are prizes that really capture the imagination – giving people the chance to get away somewhere, do something they never thought they’d do. Whether it’s a simple spa day or an adrenaline-fuelled week away, these experiences give you a unique opportunity to engage with consumers. You’re the one who made these awesome memories happen, after all!

It’s what makes you stand out, what attracts customers who may not have noticed you before. It’s about being the brand that really does do more. Scroll down to find out more.

Inspiring Consumer Loyalty

Loyal customers are the best. It costs so much more to get a new customer than it does to keep one sticking around. But consumer loyalty is something you need to earn – and we’ve been around long enough to know exactly what people are looking for.

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Driving Consumer Sales for Brands

The key to driving sales isn’t just about the numbers, it’s about providing the best possible connection between consumers lives and brand experience. Whether it’s online, on the high street, or on supermarket shelves, there’s loads of different promotions we can use to make sure people throw their hard-earned funds your way.

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Attracting and Engaging Consumers

What sets off that spark in consumers’ minds? We’re all about running disruptive, attention-grabbing promotions. The campaigns that really make a splash in any marketplace, raising awareness while giving your customers the chance to get way more for their money.

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Stand Out from Competitors

Be bigger, better and bolder – but more than anything, be smarter. These days you've got to do more than ever to stand out from the crowd. Our insight and expertise doesn’t just help us think outside of the box. We build a killer box full of new ideas (that’s a thing, right?). It keeps us ahead of the pack, and we’ll take you with us.

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