Celebrate good times (come on)

Shine a great big spotlight on special occasions and achievements to create fantastic memories that last a lifetime with the best employee awards.


What you get

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Personalised awards, merchandise, certificates and presentations
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Dedicated account management, diary management and event support
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Scheduling and automation of long service awards, birthdays and anniversaries

Why choose us

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Specialists in reaching people, reinforcing behaviour, and inspiring events
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Outcome-focused approach – we always start with what you want to achieve
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Dedicated events team to help with travel logistics, planning, and execution

How we deliver

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Custom award emails and cards delivered to inboxes, desks and doorsteps
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Branded merchandise to tie every experience back to your organisation
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Regular statements of awards issued, and their values

Celebrate your way

Everyone loves a fun work event but do people understand the message, feel differently after or remember the purpose?

We help you make the connection you want. Whether it’s a great performance, a work or life milestone (both are important!), a new product, or an opportunity to bring people together for some teambuilding, we help you take a strategic approach to celebrations that never fails to make everyone feel appreciated. But don’t let our careful planning fool you into thinking our events aren’t fun – we know how to put on a show, raise the roof, smash the piñata, and crack open the champagne!

The fundamentals and logistics of your events are just a given – we have a fantastic team of event planners and managers, as well as travel specialists, to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

Our Range

  • Long Service Awards

    Whether it's a small token of appreciation on that first anniversary, or a big blow-out for the 40th, we make rewarding long service as easy as possible. Our tools mean you'll never forget a date, our huge range of better-than-cash rewards give people something they'll love, and our engaging approach makes it a real experience every time.

  • Employee Celebrations

    Whether it's a work or life milestone, this stuff matters! Birthdays, weddings, babies, retirements, amazing sales performances – don't let them slip by unnoticed. We build a celebration experience with certificates, awards, and branded presentation packs to be given out by line managers, whether it's in a one-to-one thank you or at a big blow-out.

  • Awards

    Roll out the red carpet with an award ceremony that everyone will remember. We help you find the perfect prize for the achievements you want to recognise, and the people who achieved them, and make the delivery into a star-studded experience.

  • Teambuilding Days

    No need to groan – we do teambuilding with a difference. Awesome events that people love, rather than forced fun and trust-falls. We specialise in digging deep into your goals for the event, and designing the perfect experience to help you reach them.

  • Product Launches

    You've got the next big thing all ready to go – so make it a celebration! Get people excited about what you're doing, and what they'll be selling, with a launch that adds a little glitz and glamour. Or a lot. The choice is yours.

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What employee awards packages can do for you

It’s all about the emotional connections that you can build with your employees, collaborating with you to get the perfect understanding of the most effective ways for celebrations to work for your people and your organisation.

We start with the Why of the event, not the What – finding the best solution to make your desired outcomes happen, and creating that big Wow moment that sparks action in everyone. Whether it’s improving retention, reducing staff churn, increasing engagement or productivity, improving better customer satisfaction or just motivating people to do their best, we can help you get there with a celebration that makes a difference. Scroll down to find out more.

Incentivising Performance

Inspiring people to perform at their best drives businesses forward and improves profitability. But trust us, it’s about way more than that. Help your people to develop, grow, and connect to your values and goals. That way, everyone’s a winner.

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Recognising Success

Don’t take a great performance for granted. Shout about what your people do in a way that they’ll love, and build a culture that puts the spotlight on amazing achievements. And we mean a big deal - make sure everyone knows who the star performers are and reward them with an experience that will knock their socks off. Shoes too.

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Workplace Engagement

Success needs everyone in the same boat. Everyone pulling together. And when you’re aiming for first place in that big boat race, you can’t afford to leave anyone without a paddle. Together, we give people something to get stuck into – an engaging, exciting place to work where everyone is working towards being the best they can be.

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Safety Recognition

Health and safety gets a bad rep. We believe it’s time for a new approach. Our creative spin on health and safety culture encourages safe behaviour by recognising preventive actions and proactive habits. All of this helps reinforce a strong safety culture all through the business. We can even make hi-vis the new black.

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