What a recognition platform can do for you

Recognition is a powerful thing – even a simple “thank you” can have a huge impact on someone’s motivation and performance. But a recognition platform isn’t just about managers rewarding team members – it also incorporates peer-to-peer recognition, encouraging employees to nominate co-workers who’ve smashed it in some way, whether that’s carrying the team to hit a target, helping out tricky customers, or even just spreading smiles.

No matter where the recognition comes from, we always tie it into your company values. We’ll help you define the reasons people can be nominated or recognised to help you effectively drive the behaviour you need. Keep scrolling to find out more.

Make recognition part of every day

One platform for recognising and rewarding success. It’s a seamless experience that brings people and businesses together, without any fuss.


What you get

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An industry-leading platform that mixes recognition, rewards and incentives
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Unrivalled opportunity to engage with your employees every day
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A seamless experience across on and offline platforms

Why choose us

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Over 50 years of experience supporting businesses and employees
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Innovative yet simple technology that integrates with the everyday
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A collaborative approach that works closely with you

How we deliver

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Behaviour-driving experiences that create lasting change
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Huge network of retail and entertainment partners for the best reward choice
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Dedicated account managers support you every step of the way

The perfect platform

Everyone loves a big fanfare – but just focusing on special occasions when it comes to recognition means missing out on the work that people put in, and the things that they achieve, every single day. Creating a culture where people are recognised and appreciated every step of the way really makes a difference, and it needs subtle, integrated tools to make it happen.

Everything works across one online platform – but we also specialise in developing offline resources to engage everyone, whether their job involves computer and internet access or not. Everything is customisable to your needs, and slots in oh-so nicely with your existing systems, so you get the perfect platform for you, your people, and the outcomes you’re trying to achieve.

The platform can be run by you, or managed by us – we can take care of the day-to-day operation, as well as giving you valuable insights. We’re always working to improve, too, assessing how your platform is being used and developing new features and communication plans to engage and get people involved.

Product features

  • Recognition

    Nominate, celebrate, appreciate – the power trio of recognition. Our platform's recognition module makes it easy to do all three, whether it's peer-to-peer or employer-led, and gives you all the tools you need to manage the whole process efficiently.

  • Reward

    The platform works on a points system – there are a variety of ways to earn and assign points, which employees can then redeem for gifts. Give better-than-cash vouchers, gift cards and e-vouchers, a huge range of physical items (new tech, jewellery, fashion, homewares and more), and branded merchandise.

  • Insights

    All the behind-the-scenes numbers you could possibly want, helping you to efficiently manage and improve your platform. Monitor activity, measure engagement rates, manage budgets, approve peer-to-peer rewards, and communicate with employees directly through the platform – and use powerful reporting tools to keep track of it all.

  • Personalisation

    Add or remove modules for the streamlined system that you want – and no matter what you choose, we can tweak design templates, create bespoke looks, set up custom URLs, and give you different language options.

Everything in one place

Our portfolio of incentive and recognition services are accessed through one online platform. Whether you want the full package, or just one specific service, it's all delivered through the same easy-to-use portal, and supported by offline tools.

Platform Features

Platform Features

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Appreciation culture
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Innovation and ideas
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Long service awards

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