Get everyone going for gold

Going the extra mile. Raising the bar. Reaching for the stars. Pick your favourite metaphor for a great performance, and we’ll help your people get there.

And that means all of them. Incentivising performance is about sparking action in every single member of the team, not just the best of the bunch. Driving a business forward should mean everyone moves forward – and no one gets left behind.

Because when you’re trying to improve performance, it’s not about boosting short-term profitability by any means necessary. It’s about helping your people to develop, grow, and get better at what they do every single day, delivering a better service and achieving more for your organisation for as long as they’re with you.

Incentives that make a difference

Here’s where we rip up the rulebook and take a different approach. Instead of coming up with the flashiest prize, we focus on the reasons why you want to incentivise your staff. What’s your organisation’s ultimate goal, and what do you want the people on the ground to get out of the whole experience?

Incentivising performance is about sparking action in every single member of the team...

By starting with the why of it all, we can develop incentives that will really inspire people, building better sales teams that deliver outstanding performances every day.

How do we get your teams going for gold?

We tie your organisation’s core concepts into the incentives that you offer, finding the kind of desirable rewards that promote your values, mission and targets while still getting people nice and excited.

But it’s not just about dangling the perfect prize in front of people and leaving them to their own devices. We work with you to identify how best to target your people, giving your teams the tools and training they need to achieve, all backed up by a strategy that pulls together the right mix of incentives that inspire people to perform every day.

Delivery is important too. We have a wide range of solutions, and our in-house designers develop platforms that make accessing info on incentives and claiming rewards super simple. We work with you from the outset to create an approach that fits seamlessly into your people’s working days – and their lives outside work too.

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