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Style, luxury and jet-setting excitement – travel makes for an incentive with a real wow factor. The sky’s the limit!


What you get

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Travel events tailored to your audience and goals
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An award-winning incentive and recognition specialist
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Emotional moments that last a lifetime

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We're the only IATA, ABTA and ATOL regulated B2B travel agent in the UK
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10,000 passengers fly with us every single year
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Amazing creative resources and spellbinding entertainment

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Savings of up to 20% on flight costs with major airlines
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Group bookings and individual arrangements
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Flight management, travel arrangements, and accommodation booking

Inspire and Celebrate Performance

Nothing broadens the mind like travel – it can be one of the most inspiring experiences people will ever have. So why save it for the holidays? Use the awesome impact of incentive events and travel with a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience that money can’t buy. It can really make a difference to your employees and sales channels, inspiring greatness and rewarding it in equal measures.

Incentive events are a chance for you and your people to get creative. Whisking the whole team away to a fantastic, inspiring environment that gets them revved up and ready to go at the start of a campaign – or provide the ultimate reward for hitting targets at the end. We carefully consider the best way to incentivise your audience, and work out a once-in-a-lifetime event to match.

We always start by looking at what it is you want to achieve – we have a full range of incentive and recognition solutions and, although heading for somewhere bright and sunny is always one of our favourites, we make sure that it’s absolutely the most effective option you could choose to reach your audience and make the impact that you want.

Our service

  • Powerful Incentives

    World-class and worldwide incentives that really raise the bar. How about a hospitality trip to Las Vegas, New York, or even Iceland? Get active with a personal trail into the Grand Canyon, turn on the glitz and glamour by hiring out the observation deck on the Empire State, or throw an unforgettable gala dinner under the Northern Lights. We can help you do all this, and more – and we've got the awards to prove just how great we are.

  • Group Experiences

    Travel is a fantastic way to bring people together. Ditch the trust exercises in a Kettering conference centre and plan your next teambuilding event, company-wide meeting, networking opportunity or big celebration on a private beach. Or in an extravagant hotel. Or on top of a mountain. Wherever you want to go, we can make it happen. People will be talking about the memories they made together forever.

  • Strategic Approach

    Our travel and events experiences are completely built around your incentives programme. Use our incentive platform and communications to build excitement for the trip and show people how close they are to hitting that target. Align the trip to your company values and goals to reinforce positive behaviour. Make your event do everything it can to help you achieve your objectives.

  • Marketing Toolkit

    We're marketers who know how to reach people. We help you spread the word to your entire team, wherever they are, with engaging and exciting event websites, banners, emails, intranet messages, posters, merchandise and social media updates designed by our in-house creative team. We've got customisable content and tools to reach everyone!

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What travel, prizes and experiences can do for you

An incentive and recognition strategy needs real thought behind it to be truly effective. People need to know what it is you want from them – what goals you have, and what they need to do to achieve them. It also needs to provide people with the tools they need to get the job done. And, of course, rewards need to be valuable enough to inspire people to achieve – and to provide a real sense of being valued when they receive them.

Group incentive travel can do all of this – whether you’re giving an amazing product launch or training session to kick off a campaign, or offering the trip of a lifetime as a reward, it gives a lasting experience like nothing else. It all contributes to this exciting company culture, where people feel like anything is possible, and like the sky’s the limit. Scroll down to find out more.

Incentivising Performance

Inspiring people to perform at their best drives businesses forward and improves profitability. But trust us, it’s about way more than that. Help your people to develop, grow, and connect to your values and goals. That way, everyone’s a winner.

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Recognising Success

Don’t take a great performance for granted. Shout about what your people do in a way that they’ll love, and build a culture that puts the spotlight on amazing achievements. And we mean a big deal - make sure everyone knows who the star performers are and reward them with an experience that will knock their socks off. Shoes too.

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Workplace Engagement

Success needs everyone in the same boat. Everyone pulling together. And when you’re aiming for first place in that big boat race, you can’t afford to leave anyone without a paddle. Together, we give people something to get stuck into – an engaging, exciting place to work where everyone is working towards being the best they can be.

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Safety Recognition

Health and safety gets a bad rep. We believe it’s time for a new approach. Our creative spin on health and safety culture encourages safe behaviour by recognising preventive actions and proactive habits. All of this helps reinforce a strong safety culture all through the business. We can even make hi-vis the new black.

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