A night at the movies makes the perfect employee reward

Save up to 40% on standard ticket prices and give your employees some movie magic. We’ll fill any order size you need.


What you get

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Discounts at all the major cinema chains, and over 200 independents
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A bespoke online platform for you to order tickets
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Complete fulfilment and delivery of paper and digital tickets

Why choose us

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The UK's leading supplier of B2B cinema tickets
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Over 50 years of experience providing recognition and rewards
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Relationships with all the major cinema chains, covering 90% of the UK

How we deliver

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Paper vouchers by post, and digital codes direct to employees' inboxes
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Dedicated account managers to support you every step of the way
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Support in communicating your cinema incentives and rewards to your employees

Roll out the red carpet for our most star-studded reward!

We work with hundreds of cinemas across the UK to give you access to amazing prices on cinema tickets – the perfect reward for people who are hitting the top of your own A-list.

Celebrate a star performance with an appropriate Trek or War, reward Long Service with Leonardo DiCaprio, and recognise marvellous customer service with (who else?) Marvel! Cinema offers something for everyone, so instead of worrying about the right reward for the right employee, you can put the power in their hands to choose the perfect film at the perfect cinema.

With paper and digital tickets available, we can provide small orders the size of Ant Man, or deliver in bulk at the size of the Hulk. As the UK’s leading provider of B2B cinema tickets, we have great industry links that mean you get great savings on ticket prices, and an unbeatable level of choice for your employees.

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What We Do

  • Cinema Vouchers

    Single-use vouchers for the cinema and film of your employees' choice – or you could go all out with an epic blockbuster reward, and give annual passes to employees who have put in an Academy-worthy performance all year round.

  • Digital Tickets

    Digital codes sent direct to your employees' email inbox or phone – the perfect instant, low-cost reward. Digital codes work at all the same cinemas as our paper vouchers. We won't say they're better than paper – just different!

  • Bulk Fulfilment

    We issue thousands of cinema tickets every year. As the Ghostbusters put it, "No job is too big, no fee is too big!" – well, that's not quite true. With savings of 40% on standard ticket office prices and convenient digital delivery, you can get a Lord of the Rings-level reward at a Plan 9 From Outer Space cost.

  • Unbeatable Range

    We've spent years building up amazing links with the film industry, and we now provide tickets for all seven of the UK's main cinema chains, as well as at over 200 independent cinemas. That's 600 locations! With over 90% of the UK living within 20 minutes of one of our venues, you can be sure everyone will be able to enjoy their cinema rewards.

  • Movie Database

    Get your staff excited with our massive movie database, with release dates and synopses for hundreds of upcoming blockbusters. A great tool for encouraging people to push for their targets a little harder when a new entry in their favourite series is on its way, as well as helping people decide what they want to spend their vouchers on.

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What cinema rewards can do for you

Rewards don’t always have to be big, flashy and once-in-a-lifetime – the most effective workplace cultures are ones that consistently recognise and reward people for their efforts every single day. And that means you need small rewards that still make a huge impact, creating an experience that really lasts.

Well, what better experience than film? Our favourites – or those so-bad-it’s-good moments – stick with us forever, and connecting those magical movie memories with you is incredibly powerful for engaging people.

Incentivising Performance

Inspiring people to perform at their best drives businesses forward and improves profitability. But trust us, it’s about way more than that. Help your people to develop, grow, and connect to your values and goals. That way, everyone’s a winner.

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Recognising Success

Don’t take a great performance for granted. Shout about what your people do in a way that they’ll love, and build a culture that puts the spotlight on amazing achievements. And we mean a big deal - make sure everyone knows who the star performers are and reward them with an experience that will knock their socks off. Shoes too.

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Workplace Engagement

Success needs everyone in the same boat. Everyone pulling together. And when you’re aiming for first place in that big boat race, you can’t afford to leave anyone without a paddle. Together, we give people something to get stuck into – an engaging, exciting place to work where everyone is working towards being the best they can be.

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Safety Recognition

Health and safety gets a bad rep. We believe it’s time for a new approach. Our creative spin on health and safety culture encourages safe behaviour by recognising preventive actions and proactive habits. All of this helps reinforce a strong safety culture all through the business. We can even make hi-vis the new black.

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