Experiences with a real wow factor

The best rewards money can buy – and some that it can’t! Go the extra mile, or maybe even a thousand miles, with events and experiences that they’ll never forget.


What you get

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Events and experiences tailored to your audience and goals
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An award-winning incentive and recognition specialist
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Emotional moments that last a lifetime

Why choose us

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We're the only regulated B2B travel agent in the UK
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IATA, ABTA and ATOL-protected service
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Fantastic links with venues and entertainment acts

How we deliver

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Savings of up to 20% on flight costs with major airlines
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Group bookings and individual arrangements
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Fully managed event services in the UK – and beyond!

Celebrate your way

What’s the occasion? Birthdays, weddings, new babies, long service anniversaries, business milestones, performance awards – whatever it is, we call it an excuse to celebrate!

Because celebrating is important in business. It builds a connection between you and the people on the ground, creating great memories and a real culture of appreciation all the way from the top level to the shop floor. And sometimes, when it comes to celebrating and rewarding success, you really do need to go big or go home, with show stopping events and experiences that your team will never forget.

We take you and your people on fully managed trips away, individual holidays, group excursions, workplace celebrations, and so much more – and we’ll always make sure it’s an unforgettable experience for everyone. We want you to be able to celebrate your way, with an event that perfectly matches your organisation and your audience.

How do we make that happen? By working with you to build an incentive, recognition and reward strategy that completely engages your people. One that makes the most of our amazing creative know-how and links with travel companies, venues and brands. One that creates unforgettable experiences.

Our Range

  • Experience Days

    Hitting the track at Silverstone in a Formula 1 car, pampering at a world-class spa, cocktails and cabaret on the West End, horseback riding on the beach, gourmet cooking classes (or just the eating bit) – we've got the tools to make these amazing experiences happen. We've pretty much done it all, short of sending people into space. Well, not yet.

  • Group Excursions

    Events and travel are a fantastic way to bring people together. Set your sights further afield than the local conference centre and plan your next teambuilding event, company-wide meeting, networking opportunity or big celebration in a location that'll make your guests' jaws drop, with activities, entertainment and hospitality that they'll never forget.

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  • Flights

    We're the UK's only B2B travel agent, full bonded and IATA, ABTA and ATOL-protected. We can take your team anywhere in the world, with savings on air fare of up to 20%! We've spent years building up great links with the major airlines, including being a British Airways Preferred Partner, as well as a key strategic partner to Virgin Atlantic, and you can count on us to handle every aspect of the journey from their front door to the dancefloor. If you want a dancefloor, that is. Why wouldn’t you?

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What events and experiences can do for you

We’ve been doing this long enough that the logistics of your event are second nature – we know how to make an event work on a practical level, running without a hitch every time. Suppliers, transport arrangements, invoices – that stuff’s all just taken care of. But where we really shine is on the emotional connection that these experiences let you build.

We always start by understanding what you want to achieve from your rewards, building events and experiences that drive behavioural change, that reinforce your values, that reinforce the best possible mindsets in your specific audience. Everything is tailored to your needs and personalised for your audience, making sure your events have the biggest impact possible. Scroll down to find out more.

Incentivising Performance

Inspiring people to perform at their best drives businesses forward and improves profitability. But trust us, it’s about way more than that. Help your people to develop, grow, and connect to your values and goals. That way, everyone’s a winner.

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Recognising Success

Don’t take a great performance for granted. Shout about what your people do in a way that they’ll love, and build a culture that puts the spotlight on amazing achievements. And we mean a big deal - make sure everyone knows who the star performers are and reward them with an experience that will knock their socks off. Shoes too.

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Workplace Engagement

Success needs everyone in the same boat. Everyone pulling together. And when you’re aiming for first place in that big boat race, you can’t afford to leave anyone without a paddle. Together, we give people something to get stuck into – an engaging, exciting place to work where everyone is working towards being the best they can be.

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Safety Recognition

Health and safety gets a bad rep. We believe it’s time for a new approach. Our creative spin on health and safety culture encourages safe behaviour by recognising preventive actions and proactive habits. All of this helps reinforce a strong safety culture all through the business. We can even make hi-vis the new black.

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