Inspiring zero-accident thinking

If your employees see safe working practices as an unfortunate obstacle, or dodge training sessions, then it could be time for a more creative approach to health and safety culture.

Preventing accidents needs to be proactive – and to achieve a zero-accident rate, you need a zero-accident mindset. Health and safety should be one of the most important bits of your organisation’s culture, improving quality of life for everyone.

A cultural transformation

We use recognition to create safety mindsets, building health and safety into workplace cultures in a way that makes a real difference. This active, day-to-day engagement gives your people more motivation to go above and beyond in reducing hazards and taking preventive action.

Setting you well on your way to achieving zero accidents.

It also shows that you are willing to take the health and safety of your employees seriously – that suggestions for improvements will be taken on board and acted upon – and that you appreciate their efforts in making their workplace a safer place to be.

The benefits are obvious – improved safety and productivity, decreased stress, and reductions in Lost Time Injury Rate and Total Case Incident Rate, setting you well on your way to achieving zero accidents.

How do we create a safety mindset?

We drive new behaviours by recognising preventive actions, as well as reinforcing a strong safety culture throughout all levels of business, rather than using penalties for unsafe behaviour – that just doesn’t work.

We work closely with you to work out what the health and safety challenges are for your organisation, and design, manage and deliver a bespoke programme to address them. We believe that better prevention happens through proactive habits and the understanding of an organisation’s policies on H&S.

Together we can promote safe work practices, drive new habits by tracking and recognising safety preventive actions, and developing a strong management culture that always leads by example.

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