Business and pleasure, all cosy together

Unique, innovative and creative events that inspire people to achieve, and sort them out with the tools they need to do it.


What you get

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Events aligned to your strategic goals for maximum impact
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Incredible opportunity to directly engage with your people
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A fully managed event experience

Why choose us

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Fantastic links with brands, venues and entertainers that make your event shine
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Over 50 years of experience in delivering engaging event strategies
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Dedicated events team to help with travel logistics, planning, and execution

How we deliver

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Famous locations, celebrity guests, gourmet meals, and more
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Branded merchandise to tie every experience back to your organisation
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Event websites, banners, emails and promotional materials to get the word out

Unique, Innovative and Creative

A corporate event that gives people the time of their lives, but doesn’t lose focus on the essential business goals. It’s a tricky balancing act, but it’s one we walk well. We’ve won awards for our effective incentives programmes and star-power events, including IPM Gold for Most Effective Incentive Programme in both 2015 and 2016.

And it’s not because we’re always on top of the coolest locations to take your staff to (although we are, to be honest). It’s because we always start with what you want to achieve, and go from there. Before we even think of a destination or see-it-to-believe-it venue, we start with the why. Is it to improve teamwork, communication or product knowledge? Getting people engaging with the company, and feeling more motivated? Encouraging certain kinds of positive behaviour? Once we understand that – well, that’s when the magic starts.

Our events create a real-life connection between you and your employees, with big Wow moments that leave a lasting impression. Not only does everyone have an absolutely class time, you’ll also spark action, change mind-sets and stuff people full of knowledge. What more can you ask for?

What We Do

  • Your space

    When is a meeting space more than a meeting space? How about when it's the top of the Shard, or the Hogwarts Great Hall? We've made these happen, and more – private beaches, pop-up venues, and fancy hotels – and not just because we wanted to try on the Sorting Hat. We start with what you want your attendees to feel, what your organisation wants to achieve, and what you want them to take away. Then we find the right location. It's just a coincidence if we really wanted to go too, honest.

  • Your Identity

    This is where we roll up our sleeves and get stuck in. Complete planning, presentation, logistics and management, making your event go off without a hitch. And whatever we're doing, and whoever you're inviting – top customers, the press, your management team, or even the whole organisation – it's all intrinsically tied to your company's DNA, bringing your product and branding to life with an awesome event experience.

  • Your Engagement

    It might feel like a party, but it's a business event at heart, so actually engaging people to get invested in training, products or behavioural change is essential. But, of course, we do it the fun way. Celebrity keynote speakers, teambuilding exercises, multi-day activity programmes, food, drink, and culture – we work with you to find the right tools to reach out to your people, and then we make it happen.

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What events can do for you

It’s true, you can hold meetings, deliver training, and launch products in your meeting room, and they’ll likely be effective. More or less, anyway – as long as everyone stays awake. But we go beyond effective, combining your business goals with an experience that people will remember for a lifetime.

Events like these are fantastic for creating a company culture that really captures the imagination, engages people, and makes them excited to work for you. It’s all about getting excited about success, and putting an emphasis on encouraging people to be their best. Scroll down to find out more.

Incentivising Performance

Inspiring people to perform at their best drives businesses forward and improves profitability. But trust us, it’s about way more than that. Help your people to develop, grow, and connect to your values and goals. That way, everyone’s a winner.

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Recognising Success

Don’t take a great performance for granted. Shout about what your people do in a way that they’ll love, and build a culture that puts the spotlight on amazing achievements. And we mean a big deal - make sure everyone knows who the star performers are and reward them with an experience that will knock their socks off. Shoes too.

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Workplace Engagement

Success needs everyone in the same boat. Everyone pulling together. And when you’re aiming for first place in that big boat race, you can’t afford to leave anyone without a paddle. Together, we give people something to get stuck into – an engaging, exciting place to work where everyone is working towards being the best they can be.

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Safety Recognition

Health and safety gets a bad rep. We believe it’s time for a new approach. Our creative spin on health and safety culture encourages safe behaviour by recognising preventive actions and proactive habits. All of this helps reinforce a strong safety culture all through the business. We can even make hi-vis the new black.

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