We’ve recently joined forces with a number of brands and organisations – together we’re a leading light in employee and consumer engagement in the UK.

Our new family features the experts formerly known as:

Motivcom, and its divisions – P&MM (including P&MM Employee Benefits and P&MM Motivation, also known as Staff Motivation Matters), AYMTM, Allsave, and The Voucher Shop.

Promorati, and its divisions – Fotorama, Protravel, Filmology and Entice.

And Spree Card.

If you’re used to dealing with us under one of our old names, then don’t worry – we’re still the same organisation, with the same people, the same expertise, and the same friendly service! We’ve just undergone a rebrand to bring everyone together with one shared set of values, one leadership team, and one name: Sodexo.

Motivcom P&MM Employee Benefits P&MM Motivation Voucher Shop Filmology AYMTM Allsave My Spree Card Promorati Fotorama Protravel Entice

Who we are now

We’re really excited to finally come together, uniting the UK’s finest experts in employee and consumer engagement, all under one roof. We know how to connect people to your business – and we’ve got over 50 years of expertise to prove it!

Find out more about the new us…